Amethyst Faceted Rondelle Ring ~ The Princess Ring...MANY stones to choose from

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This sweet little ring is a favorite style of mine. These are small faceted Amethyst stones, wire-wrapped with thin sterling silver-filled wire. The ring is made with one continuous piece of wire, and the beads are very securely attached to the ring. The band is several wires thick.  

This ring is promptly made to order. The sample has (7) 3mm stones and is a size 6, for your reference. The number of stones may vary depending on the bead size and your ring size.

I have other stone choices available:

* Lemon Topaz faceted saucer 3mm (yellow)

* Hessonite Garnet micro faceted rondelle 3.5mm (light tan/brown)

* Aquamarine multi-colored faceted saucer 3mm (light blue, pink, yellow)

* Apatite multi-colored faceted rondelle 3mm (deep aqua blue, light blue, creamy tans, green blue, olive)

* Apatite smooth round 2.5mm (medium aqua blue)

* Peridot smooth saucer 3.5mm (green)

* Tourmaline smooth round 2.5mm (light and medium pinks, yellow greens, light and deep greens)

* Brown Green Autumn Tourmaline faceted rondelle 3.5mm

* Sunstone faceted rondelle 7mm (firey orange reds with shimmery sparkle)

* (Blue) Fluorite smooth saucer 5mm (light blue)

* Prehnite faceted saucer 6mm (pale green with a random touch of black)

* Garnet smooth saucer 5mm (deep red)

* Smoky Quartz smooth saucer 5mm (brown)

* Smoky Quartz faceted round 4mm (brown)

* Rose Quartz faceted round 4mm (light pink)

When making your purchase, please make the following selections:

~ your size

~ your stone choice

It will be ready for shipping within 24 - 48 hours.